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Tekscapes/Teknoflor© Collection

Teknoflor© is one of the most technologically advanced anti-static, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, NO WAX - NO BUFF flooring systems in the world, using nano silver sterilization technology. Teknoflor© is a durable commercial resilient sheet flooring that is ideal for Academic, Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare and Senior Living environments!  Teknoflor© is available in Wood Grain (Forestscapes), Walnut (World D'Elegance), Granite II (Moonscapes), Rainbow (Rainscapes), TEK III (Timberscapes), Teknoleum (Mountainscapes) and Sportscapes Multi-Purpose Cushioned resilient collections.

All-New for 2012! Sportscapes Multi-Purpose Cushioned Resilient

Teknoflor© offers the newest technological advancements in performance and realistic looks, using the most advanced digital imaging process available. We use offset printing at an extremely high resolution. This process achieves sharper definition and a more realistic image. Some others use direct printing on vinyl that results in a blurred and unrealistic look. Teknoflor© uses the same system that lithographers use to reproduce multi-colored fine art. As a result, Teknoflor's Wood Grained resilient sheet flooring is constantly mistaken for a real wood floor with its dramatic realism!

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Teknoflor© Features and Advantages

Teknoflor© is NO WAX, NO BUFF, ANTI-BACTERIAL and ANTI-FUNGAL. It also has ANTI-STATIC properties. Our main competitors DO NOT! We also offer custom borders to enhance design. Twenty-Four standard patterns are currently available. Custom logos and border designs are also available.

SLIP RESISTANCE is also increased when water lies in the embossed channels of the floor, leaving the peaks of the embossing dry. With a dry score of .88 and a wet score of 1.06, Teknoflor’s© Static Coefficient of Friction is in compliance with ADA requirements and is similar to some non-slip safety floors. Thus, Teknoflor© is perfect for operating room floors.

Teknoflor’s NO WAX / NO BUFF Benefits Include:

  • No Sealers, Finishes, or Spray Buffing Required
  • Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal, improving hygiene
  • Slip Resistant, improving Safety
  • Electrical Resistance Average 2.5 x 1011 OHMS
  • State-of-the-Art digital transfer design imprinting
  • Thickness of 2.3 mm gauge – competitor’s gauge is 2.0 mm. This is especially helpful in LDR rooms where wheels are known to tear up our competitor’s thinner floors.
  • Embossed surface that is difficult to scuff/scratch (Only walk on 20% of floor's surface)
  • Semi-matte surface helps hide sub-floor irregularities, especially adhesive trowel marks
  • 15-Year, 12-Year or 8-Year Wear Warranty (depending on product line)
  • Can be installed with cold or heat-welded seams
  • Designer borders available
  • Environmentally Friendly

Teknoflor© is easily cleaned by damp mopping or auto-scrubbing, unlike our competition where it is necessary to buff-out scuff marks. Today’s healthcare facilities have very little time to remove scuff marks, especially in patient rooms. In addition, buffing floors causes bacteria, dust, and wax particles to be thrown into the air, which can be harmful to patients, especially in critical care areas.

( View No-Scuff Video Demo )

The client’s maintenance cost is reduced considerably when using Teknoflor©. Other similar wood-grained floors need sealers and finishes adding expensive yearly maintenance costs. Teknoflor requires no sealers or finishes, thus reducing yearly maintenance costs! Your investment payback on Teknoflor© material is about two years. You will seldom recover your investment with other floors due to their ongoing, higher operational costs.

Let Teknoflor© Save You Money!

COST SAVINGS vs. Rubber, Linoleum, VCT and Resilient Sheet Flooring

National Average to Maintain Sheet Vinyl, Including Sealers, Finishers, Buffing, Recoating and Stripping at $2.50 SF/Year

Sample:10,000 SF

10,000 SFx$2.50



Using Teknoflor©, a truly NO WAX, NO BUFF Flooring... Your Cost is $ .50 SF/Year to Simply Damp Mop or Auto-Scrub

10,000 SF x $.50 $5,000.00

 Teknoflor’s© embossed wear layer is a mixture of URETHANE and VINYL.. Teknoflor’s© NO WAX, NO BUFF system is built into the flooring, whereby one only walks on 20% of its surface. On competitor's flooring, 100% of the surface is walked on, therefore creating scuffs.

Environmental Benefits


  • Teknoflor© uses recycled vinyl.


  • No buffing of Teknoflor© means better air quality:
  • No wax particles vaporized into the air
  • No dust particles dispersed into the air
  • No bacteria particles or toxins into the air
  • No irritating odors from floor finish and strippers


No strippers or finishes used means:

  • No wax and slurry flushed into the sewer system


  • Teknoflor© is Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, and Anti-Static with Nano Silver Technology
  • Extremely slip-resistant

    wet 1.06 dry .88 Teknoflor© Wood Grain (Forestscapes) and Granite II (Moonscapes)


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