At Shannon Specialty Floors, our commitment to quality living goes far beyond the floors we manufacture and sell. We see ourselves as a global citizen, and strive to make a positive impact any way we can, from the products we produce to the time, material and dollars we donate to help others, down the block and around the world. Click on the links to learn more about our charitable focus, and ways that you can help these worthy causes.


Help Provide Housing For Displaced Families Who Are Victims of Colombian Violence. Amazingly, approximately $2,300.00 USD will change a “displaced” family’s living conditions. There is a fifty-year-old war in Colombia that has taken its toll on families throughout this country. Of particular note are the many women who have suddenly become the “head of household” because their husbands have been kidnapped by guerrilla terrorists, forced to fight, and often killed in action. At last count, Colombia has over Two Million “displaced persons” — most of them poor and uneducated, and often women and children — who live in terrible conditions.

The good news is, just $2,300 USD can dramatically change a family’s living conditions.

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Since 2006, all of us at Shannon Specialty Floors, Inc. have donated their time, labor and dollars to helping this important cause. To date, over $150,000 has made its way to Father Julio Jaramillo Martinez, Director of the Berta Martinez De Jaramillo Foundation in Medellin, Columbia, SA. Through the generosity of many, the Foundation has been able to construct over 1,000 houses. Each house is home to one family and occupies a space of about 40 square meters. Three day care centers have been added, the grade school has been expanded, workshops are being developed to teach trades to both men and women and a small church has been erected providing a place to worship. Work being done by foundations like Berta Martinez proves that the human spirit thrives and craves for the basics of home, education and freedom.

As Julio Martinez expressed in his letter acknowledging the donation, “How is it possible for persons that don’t know us to associate themselves in a manner so significantly to the task that we comply with in favor of persons who have enormous basic necessities in their daily lives and that they trust in us with such warmth with such monies in strange hands.” We thank everyone at Shannon Specialty Floors, Inc. for making this contribution possible.

To find out how you can help this worthy cause with your time, efforts or tax-deductible donations, click here for more information.


The better the quality of a home, the more comfortable, safe and happy that home becomes for the family who lives there. But in many inner city neighborhoods, the money and materials for even modest improvements is often lacking. As families and contractors work to remodel or restore homes, they often need small amounts of sheet vinyl for kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways. That’s why Shannon Specialty Floors, Inc. is proud to be a supplier to Community Warehouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a Christian-based supply center for inner city improvement. By using Community Warehouse as a source, families and contractors can find high quality flooring at a price they can afford — bringing their vision of a beautiful, safe and happy home that much closer.

To learn more about Community Warehouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Contact: Jim Swechel, Manager, at 262.347.9791


The ultimate durability and longevity of a floor can often be influenced by the quality of the installation. Ensuring that every floor is consistently installed to the highest standards is in the best interests of the designers, builders, facility owners, consumers — and Shannon Specialty Floors, Inc. By supporting the Floor Installation Apprenticeship Program, we are supporting extensive training by technical and educational experts from major mills and manufacturers throughout North America. And by providing flooring product to the program, we can all rest assured that participants in the program will receive their training using actual flooring that is currently being used in the market today.

We invite all apprentice program advisors to request flooring products for use in your training programs! Contact: Jean Shannon at 414.771.9166 or 800.522.9166 or e-mail: