Acute Care LEED Hospital

Dallas, TX


The new Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas is currently the largest hospital construction project in the United States. At $1.27 billion, the new healthcare facility will replace the existing 54-year-old Parkland Memorial Hospital. Aiming for LEED Gold certification, the master plan includes a 64- acre healthcare campus and a 862-bed, full-service acute care replacement hospital. Designers wanted to create a space focused on healing while maintaining a practical approach to the use of sustainable technologies and techniques that were embedded as part of the overall design. As part of that focus, the new hospital will have drought-tolerant landscaping and high-efficiency equipment in its central utility plant. The hospital was also designed with water-saving fixtures expected to reduce potable water use by 35 percent, low VOC-emitting materials and a highly efficient roofing system. 

Download: Acute Care LEED Hospital


Teknoflor™ in Forestcapes™ #31097 “Medium Walnut” 

Teknoflor™ in Timberscapes™ #51021 “Royal Oak” 

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