George Washington University Hospital

Washington, D.C.

George Washington University Hospital added a sixteen bed intensive care unit to the sixth floor of its main hospital in October, 2014. The designers chose to use a variety of our TUF STUF™ High Performance Flooring resilient sheet products, stating that infection control is always a focus of hospitals, especially in this type of unit, and a seamless floor helps address such concerns.

Our TUF STUF™ “Plank You Very Much”, “Fancy Free” and “Classic Cut” were used in combination to create a large sweeping floor pattern in the corridors to add interest and keep the unit from feeling too sterile. In addition, our “Classic Cut” and “Fancy Free” collections were used to create a pattern to help identify the infection control zone in each patient room.

Download: George Washington Hospital : Washington, D.C.



Hospital Corridors

Plank You Very Much™ “Fake Tan” PY42607

Classic Cut™ “Chopsticks” CC43105

Fancy Free™ “Beach Bum” FF43203

PY42607_FakeTan_Plank You Very MuchCC43103_Chopsticks_Classic CutFF43203_BeachBum_Fancy Free







Outpatient Radiology Oncology Unit

Forestscapes™ “Medium Walnut” (SW1)

Classic Cut™ “Mink Muffs” CC43108

Classic Cut™“Cashmere” CC43101

31097 Medium Walnut_forestscapes

CC43108_MinkMuffs_Classic Cut

CC43101_Cashmere_Classic Cut