Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank


Setagrip™ looks to nature to find the answer. It’s no secret that the greatest innovations come from nature. Nature has inspired solutions for everyday challenges including those in design. Scientists have studied the feet of geckos and have found that they contain physical properties that promote stickiness. Using biomimicry, we studied the gecko and began looking into micro-suction technology. This technology uses millions of micro-sized pores, vacuum and negative air pressure to securely adhere any object to a relatively flat, non-porous surface. We applied this technique into our flooring manufacturing process and Setagrip was born.


TEKNOFLOR RARE PLANK HPD Collection of Luxury Vinyl Plank is the brand’s first ever luxury vinyl plank, designed to offer the look of real wood in a durable, modern and low-maintenance design. Twenty-two traditional, realistic wood visuals are now available in 7” x 47” planks that are made from 100% virgin vinyl, which means they are free of phthalate plasticizers. The planks stand true to the Teknoflor brand’s signature low-maintenance qualities, requiring No Wax and No Buff. Each plank is cut from one large piece of print film, providing a realistic and beautiful variation within each carton. This warm wood look will fill any space with rich beauty for years to come. For more information, contact your Shannon Specialty Floors representative.

TUF STUF™ Think Ahead™

TUF STUF’s THINK AHEAD Collection of Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank was designed to reinvent the way we look at flooring. The collection includes vibrant and inspiring designs that are constructed to uphold the heaviest of traffic with true durability and stays true to the “No Wax, No Buff” features. THINK AHEAD combines exceptional beauty, durable performance and complementary designs in eight unique styles including traditional linen looks, contemporary whimsical designs and bright colorful wood patterns. THINK AHEAD is made of 100% virgin PVC vinyl, non-phthalate plasticizers and is free of heavy metals ensuring a responsible choice for retail, hospitality, corporate, healthcare, senior living and education environments.

TUF STUF™ T3 Luxury Vinyl Tile™

With three beautiful categories, TUF STUF T3 Luxury Vinyl Tiles offer a wide variety of design options. The TEXTURES collection encompasses woods, marbles, slates and travertine. The TEXTILES collection has a soft textile look, but with the durability and performance of a hard surface. The TECHNOLOGY collection represents the latest advancements in modern day living, with patina metal and stained concrete designs. Mix and match all of our tiles with confidence thanks to our 23 mil. wear layer and 15-year warranty.

TUF STUF™ Woodland Path™

Nothing compares to the warm and welcoming appearance of real wood - unless it’s Woodland Path Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring. Nano-Silver technology is added to the floor’s surface layer. And true to its name, Woodland Path is available in a wide selection of handsome wood species, ensuring a beautiful foundation for any setting.