Southeast Wisconsin Carpentry Training Center

Pewaukee, Wisconsin

While Southeast Wisconsin Carpentry Training in Pewaukee Wisconsin was looking to renovate its hallways, they understood that the product they chose needed to be strong against heavy foot traffic and lots of wear. Mark Olsen, Lead Instructor of the training center said they chose 

Shannon because of the “quality of products” and the confidence in its wear. Olsen chose TUF STUF™ Woodland Path™ in Stormy Sea Driftwood and Veragated Green Ash. 

TUF STUF™ Woodland Path™ helps the facility keep to a low-maintenance program with Shannon’s No Wax, No Buff guarantee and eludes confidence in its strong 15-year non-prorated warranty. The “product has excellent wear resistance,” said Olsen. “Its one of the best products I’ve worked with.” 

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WP57111_StormySeaDriftwood_Woodland Path

Woodland Path™ WP57111 “Stormy Sea Driftwood” 

WP57218_VerigatedGreenAsh_Woodland Path

 Woodland Path™ WP57218 “Verigated Green Ash”