St. Mary’s Hospital

West Palm Beach, FL

With a creative use of both our TUF STUF™ and TEKNOFLOR™ brands, this St. Mary’s Hospital received a design and performance makeover including playful footprints that were added to compliment the surroundings – inside the pediatrics wing of the hospital there is a dinosaur inside a large atrium on display. Download: St. Mary’s Hospital : West Palm Beach, FL




1st Floor:

Fancy Free™ ‘Non Fat Latte’ FF-43204 Classic Cut™ ‘Tweedy’ CC-43105 Mountainscapes™ #88021 ‘Oyster’
FF43204_NonFatLatte_Fancy Free CC43105_Tweedy_Classic Cut 88021 Oyster_Mountainscapes        






2nd Floor:

Fancy Free™ ‘Bubble Bath’ FF-43211 Classic Cut™ ‘Rain Dance’ CC-43111 Mountainscapes™ #88003 ‘Moss’

FF43211_BubbleBath_Fancy FreeCC43111_RainDance_Classic Cut88003 Moss_Mountainscapes        






3rd Floor:

Fancy Free™ ‘Cake Batter’ FF-43202 Classic Cut™ ‘Smart Blonde’ CC-43102 Mountainscapes™ #88001 ‘River’


FF43202_CakeBatter_Fancy FreeCC43102_SmartBlonde_Classic Cut88001 River_Mountainscapes