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Shannon Specialty Floors is a registered continuing education provider. We are proud to partner with AEC Daily to bring you a comprehensive continuing education course titled “Vinyl Flooring Uncovered”. With the option to take our course online or in-person, we’ve got your credits covered.



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Vinyl Flooring Uncovered

This course provides an overview of vinyl flooring, its manufacturing process, testing standards, and performance characteristics. The course discusses the environmental impacts of vinyl flooring throughout its lifespan and its contributions to meeting green building codes and standards.

Learning Objectives:

  • Outline how vinyl resin is manufactured, and list common uses in the construction industry.
  • List the ingredients in vinyl flooring as well as the various additives used in the production process and how these affect the performance characteristics.
  • Recall various testing standards related to durability, safety, and performance that must be met to ensure a quality flooring product.
  • Explain the life cycle phases of vinyl flooring with a focus on the environmental impacts of each stage
  • Describe the most common ways in which vinyl flooring may contribute to points earned on building projects under the LEED® green building certification program, and the Green Globes green building rating and certification tool.


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This course is approved by many associations including AIA, IDCEC, USGBC, GBCI, HSW, RCEP and more.


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