A floor isn’t just a considerable part of any building project — it has the potential to make a considerable impact on the environment. At Shannon, we’re proud to be an industry leader in manufacturing and selling products that promote human health, protect the environment and conserve resources. We’re dedicated to playing a responsible and active role in sustainability, both in today’s world and for generations to come. That begins with ensuring our environmental footprint is light — no matter how heavy the foot traffic on our floors.

Shannon is proud to play an active role in support of sustainability. And we’re constantly working to develop innovative and sustainable products, for the benefit of our clients, your customers and the environment.



In a time when “being green” has become a marketing catchphrase, Shannon is proud to back up our words with powerful actions. You’ll see it in the construction specifications of our floors. In our strict adherence to national environmental building standards. And in our responsible use of products that are abundant in nature, environmentally-friendly to produce, long lasting, and easy to maintain and recycle. Here are just a few examples of how Shannon products support sustainability:


Shannon is an active supporter and participant in LEED — Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design. Learn more here.




Vinyl flooring is made from resources abundant in nature (common salt and natural gas) that are long-lasting (saving replacement costs), low maintenance (saving water, labor and electricity and minimizing the use of chemical cleaners) and highly recyclable.



Shannon is pleased to be an active participant in environmental compliance and green building initiatives. All of our product lines utilize a healthy percentage of recycled products; Dinoflex (90% recycled rubber), Woodland Path (75% post-consumer recycled material) and Teknoflor (up to 71.9% post-consumer recycled material) are standouts in the field.



Most of our flooring collection requires no waxing or buffing, so no dust or bacteria particles are dispersed into the air during cleaning, and there are no irritating odors from floor finish and floor strippers. Utilizing no wax/no buff flooring means that no strippers, finishes, wax, slurry or other potentially harmful byproducts are not released into the environment.


Nano Silver Technology provides anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents. Our floors also feature static-neutral properties built right into the product. As a result, these floors are extremely hygienic and extremely slip-resistant.