Shannon Welcomes and Adopts Transparency

Throughout Shannon Specialty Floors’ portfolio we have strived to provide the best performing products on the market.  Today, we know that transparency in product manufacturing is just as important as performance and that’s why we are working to provide you, our customer, with everything you need to get your job done.  We are doing our part to reduce the environmental footprint during the manufacturing process by providing Healthcare Product Declarations (HPDs), Declare labels and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).  We’re working to provide everything you need and ask for – we put you first!









barenaked floors™ CS Collection™ Health Product Declaration v2.1

barenaked floors™ LT Plank Collection™ Health Product Declaration v2.1

TEKNOFLOR® Classic Cut HPD – HPD 2.1 (8-17-18)

TEKNOFLOR® Coastalscapes HPD – HPD 2.1 (8-17-18)

TEKNOFLOR® Designscapes HPD – HPD 2.1 (8-17-18)

TEKNOFLOR® Forestscapes HPD – HPD 2.1 (10-31-17)

TEKNOFLOR® Moonscapes Mountainscapes HPD 2.1 (10-17-18)

TEKNOFLOR Naturescapes HPD 2.1 (10-5-18)

TEKNOFLOR_Rare_Plank_HPD_2.1 (01-25-19)

TEKNOFLOR® Urbanscapes HPD – HPD 2.1 (10-31-17)

Tuf Stuf™ Think Ahead™ Health Product Declaration v2.0

Tuf Stuf™ Woodland Path™ Health Product Declaration v2








JUST is not a verification or certification program. Rather, the program provides an innovative platform for organizations to be transparent about operations, including employee benefits and financial and community investments. The program highlights companies that have transparency in social justice and equity policies. To receive a JUST label, Shannon Specialty Floors reported on a wide range of metrics about the company’s operations, culture, and community engagement.

Shannon Specialty Floors JUST Label







Shannon Specialty Floors is participating in the Living Building Challenge™ Declare program. By providing a clear, elegant and informative “nutrition-label” for building products, Declare aligns with our commitment to transparency as it streamlines material documentation and project certification.

Forestscapes HPD Declare Label

Urbanscapes HPD Declare Label







Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a document that communicates verified, transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products. 

barenaked EPD